Chapter 7 Case Management

The TrusteSolutions bankruptcy case management system has been built with one purpose in mind: simplify the administration of Chapter 7 bankruptcies. 

The system is easy to use, streamlines case management processes, and offers users unparalleled access to data.

Easy to Access and Use

    :: Always available via Internet Explorer
    :: One system to learn – not a desktop and an online version
    :: Universal navigation so you never get lost
    :: Interface of Version 4 is based on commonly used software

Streamlined Case Management

    :: Import claims and assets efficiently
    :: Track the progress of cases
    :: Manage tasks specific to each case
    :: Build final reports and other reports quickly
    :: Automatically close cases

Unparalleled Access to Data

    :: Query database on a wide range of variables
    :: Retrieve and display data in meaningful reports
    :: Handle multiple users simultaneously
    :: Host data on our servers to minimize your down time