TrusteSolutions was
founded on a challenge.

How could bankruptcy case management software be smarter?  What innovations are required to provide true benefits to a trustee practice?

We brought together some of the most agile thinkers in the industry and after much research, trial and error and many lines of code – a new model was unveiled to the market built on smart technology and a true customer-focused strategy.


Our system is focused on helping you think smarter and streamline your case management processes. You and your staff will interact with the most sophisticated and intuitive tools in the industry benefiting from our extensive industry knowledge and experience. (Products) These tools allow you to set uniform, automated processes in place that automatically increase productivity for your practice.


Our operational model was developed around your needs. We are available throughout the day and can often fulfill customization requests in a matter of hours – not weeks. We value the ongoing feedback from our users as one of our most prized company assets. This open relationship encourages innovation and new ideas to address any and all challenges and trends we face in the industry.